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If you love games where you think scores by eating as much as possible the series ac games really something for you. IO is a game where you assume the role of a snake. It's up to you to eat as many things along the way, but mostly eating balls of your own color. Through all that food you are getting a little longer, which is to your advantage - you always collect more points - but also to your disadvantage because you will always easier contact with other snakes. Indeed, there are several snakes in the game and it's the thing you which escapes during the game.

Eat your full and collect the most points

When ac games is so you have to collect as soon as possible as many points as possible by eating pellets. You need not be afraid that you will quickly become bored with a game, because of this popular mind game have been already created many variants. These variants can of course all be found on this website. You move through mazes go, across fields blank, and you have varying opponents who try to make you life miserable.

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For those who enjoy brain teasers and quick action keeps his ac games so a nice category of computer games. You have to keep your wits about you as you play this game, but you will certainly be rewarded know. Your ranking is kept, so you can test your skills against other players. You can operate the ac games with your keyboard or your mouse. The control of these games is of course very simple, but for those who still need instruction is given this instruction while playing the .io games.

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