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The greatest Olympics games in a row

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During the Olympic Games or Winter Games a lot of sports are practiced. During the 2016 summer games in Rio (Brazil) there are many athletics practiced such as javelin, high jump, hurdles, running, marathon and triathlon. During the winter games are sports like biathlon, snowboarding and ski jumping ski done. On this page we have collected a number of games to feel a bit of an athlete.

​​Become a World Champion!

Maybe you always watched the Winter Olympics in Sochi in 2014, or at the summer games in 2012. We at least look forward to the upcoming Olympic Games in 2016. Now you can try yourself to be a professional! Your country has already won several prizes in history. Gold, silver and bronze medals hang in the rooms of all the national athletes. Will you also equally be such a topper, but from your armchair? Then play here one of the many games and become a world champion!

​​Hoisting the national flag

At the Olympics you as a country the best in sports. On this website we have some cool games for your collection! Most are athletics games, something the national athletes always score high. You going to hoist the flag and match their records? That is now possible to play any of these games. The NOS will not report release, but you can be the best in this way. Become javelin champion, a great obstacle girl, walk a marathon or play javelin or discus. Besides these games, we have some funny games like animals athletics, team sports and olympclick. So we have plenty of games with this theme for the most devoted sports fan on the web! So think fast your own yell and represent your country during this Olympics online.

Do you like to play Olympic Games? We listed the best funny games online! Play them for free on FlashGames.jp. Have fun playing our Olympic Games collection!