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Adventure with SpongeBob

New Game: Spongebobs Summer Life

Spongebob Squarepants is a green monster that lives on the seabed. SpongeBob and his friend Patrick makes many adventures. This is a well-known cartoon series on Nickelodeon. It's about a yellow sponge, he lives in the town of Bikini Bottom in a very special house. His house is in the form of a pineapple! SpongeBob loves very much crab citizens. This he bakes himself in the restaurant of Mr. Crab. He also really likes his pet Gerrit, a limpet. This cartoon is super popular and lots of full episodes and videos you find on Youtube. Movies and games are all over the world watched and played, there is even a variant in arabic.

Catch jellyfish

One of the biggest hobbies is fishing SpongeBob jellyfish. He does like his friends Patrick, squirrel Sally and the always cranky Octo. With his hat he goes out and tries to catch it again. Octo loves playing clarinet, though he is not so good! In these games you will meet all the friends of the yellow sponge. For example, during the boxing match or game with a sinking ghost ship The Flying Dutchman. You can experience the best adventures!

I'm ready, I'm ready

Choose one of the many fun games, like hamburgers frying or Bikini Bottom Brawlers. You can also play several racing games with this yellow monster such as quad biking, karting or racing with a bus. If you just like Spongebob all are ready, you can have lots of adventures on this page on the seabed. So dive into the deep and discover the fun of life in the ocean. We offer a lot of different games, so pick your favorite cartoon and play along!

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