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Play here one of the most popular games in the world: Mahjong. Mahjong is originally a Chinese game and it comes from the city of Shanghai. Mahjong wiki teaches us that even in the 18th century was popular in China. It's a true classic and like a solitaire game you have to do once. In the original game, there are depicted on the stone bamboo, Chinese characters and circles. Along with special bricks with, for example, flowers. In recent years, there are very many different forms of this Asian game made and we believe that everyone should play once one of the many versions of Mahjong games.

How to play?

The rules of Majong are simple: try to match all the tiles from the stack and play away. The trick is to find two matching tiles in the figure. When you find these, you click on them with your mouse and the stones disappear. That way you try to find all the couples and always a puzzle to solve. It is a thinking game with a good strategy, math and a little luck you can always bring up a further level. We have many different kinds of games like Mahjong: Classic, Chain, Cvombi, Titans and Fortuna. There are many variations of special shapes or special characters on the stone. So if you like a brainteaser is always there between a game where you become the most happy. We'll give you a tip: try Mahjong Connect agree, this is a very popular game and Majongg is exciting and fun. Will you manage to remove all the mahjong tiles from the board game? Imagine yourself to an Asian master, not martial arts, but the most important and popular Oriental game we know. Use your brain and solve the puzzle with just a click of your mouse.

The lots of games are now days available to play for fun and enjoyment but the best part of playing game is that they are good for increasing the skill levels in children. If we talk about the Mahjong, then you will find that there are great number of sites offering such a popular games to allowing your kids to play for free. The Mahjong game is popular among the children of varied age group as it offers a chance to test their brain power and at the same time they will have fun. Mahjong is originated from the ancient Chinese card games and now it has different versions to play.

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