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You've probably ever played; 2048 games. Even for those who are not as by what has been the aim of this addictive fun games; you get a blank field and a fixed number of pieces of various sizes and blocky shapes. These pieces you must slide together the entire playing field is filled with puzzle pieces. No blank holes may fall between the pieces, and this way you score points. 2048 games will always start very simple, but in proportion as you progress in the game continue to be more challenging. Your tactical understanding shall be secured to the test.

Various variants

In 2048 games, you have a lot of different variants, and therefore is to score in many ways when playing this fun brainteasers. In a number of variations you will see a blank field and a fixed number of puzzle pieces that you have to put together. The pieces are getting smaller in shape so you always harder must think. There are also variations that build such a game with a timer. Then you should not only think good, but you'll also have to do it quickly because otherwise again from scratch to begin. There are also variants where the game pieces as it were coming out of the blue and should be imputed to the right place.

Play the games

This cute 2048 play games, while scoring points is very simple. The games start at a child's level and build up further to a level where an adult still need to think hard at. You tactical and spatial awareness will therefore move forward fast when you play these games. You control the game especially with your mouse, but she will also serve on your keyboard, it's just how you play the most.

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