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Yellow balls nipping in Pacman

New Game: Pac Chef

Pacman is really a classic in terms of arcade games. Already on the Atari was to play this game with a joystick. The game is made by Japanese Toru Iwatani and has been around for a while. In 1980 it was released by Namco. This original is then immediately become immensely popular and has become the biggest game in the games industry. Since the Internet era, this game can be found anywhere online or get download.

​​Eat monsters

In this game you move a kind of yellow emoticon on, who really hungry! Eat all balls that you encounter in the game board, but avoid the ghosts and monsters that come your way! If you bump into them, the game is over. However, you can also attack and eat these tormentors, if you know to get additional powers. Then you can continue to eat without being bothered by those pesky monsters. So try to get through the maze without being detected. Hidden behind the walls right and turn around quickly when your enemies come after you.

popular arcade game ever!

Here are collected the coolest versions of Pacman and you have a huge choice of different designs that are made for this game. One of the great versions of this game Pac Xon Delux and is very popular in this category. The female equivalent is called Miss Pacman who like the male version ghosts and must avoid as many balls to eat. Will you manage to stay out of the hands of ghosts? Here you can try one of the many versions of Pacman! You go for the classic game, if you do opt for a newer version? We have them all here to serve you, so play!

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