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New Game: Sofia The First Bicycle Repair

If you like Sofia the First, the Sofia you the princess games (Sofia the First games) are also great. Dress Sofia as pretty as you fly minimus on the flying horse, go on a nice high tea with Sofia, puzzle like crazy and make something beautiful of the royal magic garden. Dance with the handsome prince, fly on a magic carpet, find a missing amulet or create delicious baked goods with Sofia. Take Sofia on, cut her hair and get her ready for another exciting day princess.

Your favorite princess

Sofia the First (aka: Sofia the First) is an animated series appearing since 2013 on Disney Channel when Disney Junior is broadcast. In the series, you can take a look at the life of Sofia and her mother, two ordinary citizens in the kingdom of Enchancia life. Their normal life ends when Sofia's mother, Miranda, marries King Roland II. After this wedding is not only Miranda queen of Enchancia, but Sofia is also a princess. This changed her life forever. she makes them all sorts of adventures during her life as a princess and she learns to be a real princess.

Play like crazy

The nice thing is that the possibilities are endless with Sofia the First games. What kind of games is you favorite, there is always something to find a game where Sofia also appears in. And what could be nicer than your favorite game with Sofia it? Explore all areas of the castle Enchancia, and see all the places of the royal grounds. Meet all the characters from the series and go to the challenges. Do you recognize the places from the series?

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