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Old fashioned Tetris games

New Game: Tetris

Here you will find a large collection of Tetris games, we have the Original, Classic and Battle version. This block game from Nintendo should try to clear entire rows before the blocks reach the top of your screen. We also have a variant with triangles, extremely addictive! Try to get the highest possible highscore. This is perhaps one of the most popular games in gaming history. These "golden oldies" still remains a challenge for young and old! No, we are not talking about Pacman, but about Tetris.

How does it work?

This is a game in which always cubes and Figures fall from top to bottom. You can use these blocks to move left and right, and also rotate. That way you can make sure that the figures in the best way downstairs land on the ground. The trick is to fit all the pieces together just so, so that creates a horizontal line. Do you have exactly the maximum amount of blocks together, then that row disappears and you are safe. Once the figures no longer fit together well, they continue to be more on top of each other and they get closer and closer to the ceiling. When you hit the top of the screen you're on. If you play long maintains, then the blocks will come down more quickly and thus remains less time to think about the best position of the cubes. You need to stay focused in this game and act faster as you get to a higher level.

For who?

This game is no download, it is a free game that anyone can play online directly on this page. The game is not complicated, making it suitable for both younger and older gaming enthusiasts. We have many different variations on the popular Tetris game. You can go for the original Tetris, or an explosive Boom Box. You'll find more specific versions of this game as Atlantris, Desk Tetris, Tower 100, Robo Sockets and Puyo Puyo. So for those who think they already know all Tetris, there are enough options to challenge yourself back again in this fun game. You know the game yet? Is also one of the tetris friends and is getting faster in this skill game.

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