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The adventures of Naruto

New Game: Naruto Adventure

Naruto is a Japanese cartoon, manga or as they call it. Mashasi Kishimoto invented the story and signed this Ultimate Ninja Storm. Naruto is a ninja who wants to be a great leader. Before that, he must tackle all kinds of challenges and follows the rise of a ninja. There are in addition to this series created a lot of games for the PC, which Naruto fight to go with his opponents. We have also selected for you a great Naruto game where you have to race as a BMX'er.

Is a professional BMX rider!

The Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and 4 are very popular. There are many generations of this game thought and you can find the gift games. This is not to play on PS 4, so do not hesitate and play this game on your PC! This game is all about safe to take the route on your BMX. As a true Ninja's task is to respond to the mountains and gorges that cross your path well. By using the arrow keys on your keyboard you can Naruto safely maneuver the other side. If you succeed, you unlock the next level. There are many levels, and with each new round you have to back just a little better do your best. That way you getting better at riding the BMX.

Fight like a ninja

Naruto often in combat comes in the series that was made about him. But he can as a ninja too good race on a bike? There, you can help him. Make sure he does not fly over the head, and neatly on two wheels land after a big jump. So you'll get a level more in this great game, for PS4. Dutch are known they can cycle well, but Japanese is perhaps different. Make sure the Japanese Naruto unscathed reach the end of the level. Lots of fun!

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