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Cars with dangerous forces in The Transformers games

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You had probably already acquainted with The Transformers. These are special cars and trucks that seem quite normal at first glance. Nothing, however, what it seems in the world where robots and super beings shots. We are talking here not even on normal cars, but about Transformers. These Transformers are robots whose only job is to keep the world safe from the alien party. Earth Transformers are led by Optimus Prime, called Autobots. They go into battle with the Decepticons who are led by Megatron. The Decepticons are from Cybertron and will now try on the earth to make out the service.

Go into battle with the evil

About The Transformers is obviously made a bestselling movie. It was inevitable that there would be computer games on this series which you also can compete with the Decepticons or the Autobots. Fortunately, it is now possible to play The Transformers games. You decide at which Transformer you get behind the wheel. If you choose the Autobots or go right for the Decepticons; the choice is yours. Each Transformer has its own specific characteristics that make him the ultimate battle machine, and you can operate fighting machine. You rack up points by defeating opponents.

The Transformers play games

The Autobots and Decepticons are quite specific to operate. Still, the games are easy to play. You control the games include with your keyboard or your mouse. You get during the game instruction which button you have to press at the right time to move forward on the playing field. You will thus not quickly get stuck while playing this breathtakingly exciting games which makes them suitable for large and small Transformers fans.

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